Ortho Tx: What Happens with Ortho Tx?

4. The teeth can be straightened.

Straight teeth give an esthetic appearance of the teeth, while a good bite provides a good function. Orthodontics is a treatment that straightens the teeth and corrects the bite at the same time. In addition, a pleasing facial profile, a pretty smile and beautiful tooth alignment should be sought after.

What types of tooth alignment problems disturb esthetics and function? Typical cases are shown below.

High Canine
A high canine is a blocked-out eyetooth. This prevents the canines from playing the important role of controlling the function of the lower jaw. High Canine
Spaces between Teeth
Neighboring teeth do not contact each other. The continuity of the dental arch is vital for the longevity of the teeth. Spaces between Teeth
Open Bite
The upper and lower front teeth normally overlap 3mm or so. There is a big open space between the upper and lower teeth in an open bite case. It is quite a challenge to keep the bite closed after correction. Open Bite
Cross Bite
The lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth. The lower lip is also protruding ahead of the upper lip and appears thicker in the frontal view. Cross Bite
Protruding upper Front Teeth
Protruding upper front teeth are susceptible to trauma and pulp damage. A traumatized tooth may become fused to the surrounding bone, which may interfere with orthodontic treatment. Protruding upper Front Teeth