Ortho Tx: Treatment Method

First, let's look at a typical treatment process.

Before treatment
Before The patient presented with crowding and blocked-out canines.
1 month
1 month Four first premolars were extracted to eliminate the crowding. Extraction spaces will be utilized to unravel the teeth.
13 months
13 months The roots are also lined up within the alveolar bone with big wires. The back teeth, which are important for a good bite, are being aligned and stabilized.
At appliance removal ( 24 months )
u A good fit between the upper teeth and their appropriate opponents in the lower arch has been achieved. This denotes the completion of a desired teeth arrangement and bite that will be a lifetime partner. The aim here is to minimize the shift in the TMJ at this point in treatment.

How are treatment decisions made?

Treatment goals are established first. The goals should cover all areas of concern, namely, facial appearance, tooth alignment, TMJs and tooth supporting tissues. With clear goals in mind, it is possible to predict the treatment results and to know in advance how teeth should be moved to achieve the goals and what can and cannot be done.

check transparent appliance
If desired, a transparent appliance shown is available.
transparent appliance