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Kazumi Ikeda

Kazumi Ikeda [Office director]


1979 Graduated from School of Dentistry, Nihon Univ.
1981 Graduated from Orthodontic Dept., Univ. of Pennsylvania
1981 Opened 1st orthodontic office, Ikeda Orthodontics, in Asakusa, Tokyo
1987 Opened 2nd orthodontic office, Hillside View Orthodontics, in Daikanyama, Tokyo
1989 Certified by American Board of Orthodontecs
1985-87 Established Roth/Williamsn Center in Japan
Engaged in postgraduate education of orthodontists
1990- President of Roth/Williams International Society of Orthodontists
2007 integrated at Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Recent invitational lectures overseas

American Association of Orthodontists
1994 Orlando
1998 Dallas
2002 Philadelphia
2007 Seattle
2009 Boston
2012 Hawaii
Chile Association of Orthodontists
1998 Santiago
Italian Association of Orthodontists
1999 Rome
Spain Association of Orthodontists
2000 San Sebastian
Asian-Pacific Orthodontic Conference
2005 Beijing
Korea Roth/Williams International Society of Orthodontists
1999 Seoul
2003 Seoul
Roth/Williams International Society of Orthodontists
1994 Orlando
1995 San Francisco
2000 San Sebastian
2001 Toronto
2002 Santiago
2003 Hawaii
2004 Orlando
2005 San Francisco
2007 Kyoto
2008 Denver
2009 Boston
2010 Rome
Roth Study Club International
2011 Chicago
2012 Hawaii
2013 Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Association of Orthodontists
2006 Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania University-Department of
Dentistry Alumni Association
2008 Philadelphia
Tufts University-Department of
Dentistry Roth/Williams Day
2009 Boston
Rome International Event
2009 Rome
Association of Philippine Orthodontists
2012 Manila

Recent invitational lectures in Japan

2000 Meeting of Kouhoku Shin-etsu Orthodontic Society
2002 Japanese Society for Jaw Deformities
2002 Annual Meeting of Japanese Orthodontic Society (Nagoya)
2003 Academic Lecture Meeting of Nihon University of Dentistry at Matsudo
2004 Lecture Meeting of Nagasaki University of Dentistry Orthodontic Course
2005 The Academy of Gnathology and Occlusion (Tokyo)
2005 Mechanical course How to finish cases with high quality
2005 10 th Anniversary of ROTH/WILLIAMS STUDY CLUB in Japan
2006 Japan Association of adult Orthodontics (Tokyo)
2007 Meeting of Kinki-Tokai Orthodontic Society
2008 Chu-Shikoku Association of Orthodontists
2009 JSAPD (Japan Society of American Postdoctoral Dentists) Open Seminor
2010 JSAPD(Japan Society of American Postdoctoral Dentists) Open Seminor
2010 1 day Lecture of Shofu Co., Ltd.
2010 15th Anniversary Open Seminor of ROTH/WILLIAMS STUDY CLUB in Japan
2011 TMJ and Orthodontics One day seminar


2009.4 AJODO "Assessment of optimal condylar position with limited cone-beam computed tomography"
2009.4 JOP "Assessment of Optimal Condylar Position in the Coronal and Axial Planes with Limited Cone-Beam Computed Tomography"
2013.3 DentoMaxilloFacial Radiology(DMFR)
"Disc displacement and changes in condylar position"
Isayo Ikeda

Isayo Ikeda [Vice-director]


1980 Graduated from School of Dentistry, Nihon Univ.
1980 Resident in Prosthodontic Dept., Nihon Univ.
1984 Began practicing orthodontics jointly with the director at Ikeda Orthodontics

Hillside View Orthodontic Office

Ikeda Orthodontic office [branch office]

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